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CityPointe Commons

by Poetry Living


Discover CityPointe Commons, a stunning new real estate development in East Brampton at the intersection of Gore Rd & Queen St E. Choose from a collection of stylish towns and singles by acclaimed GTA builders DECO Homes, Poetry Living, and Opus Homes. This ideally located community connects you to Brampton, Toronto, and Vaughan, offering luxury as standard features and finishes, energy-efficient elements, and smart home technology. Enjoy spacious, modern interiors with high-quality construction designed to provide comfort and style. Embrace the perfect blend of convenience and luxury at CityPointe Commons.

Prime Location with Easy Connectivity

CityPointe Commons is ideally located at the intersection of Hwy. 7 and Gore Road, offering easy access to three of the GTA's most loved cities: Brampton, Toronto, and Vaughan. This prime location allows residents to effortlessly travel between these cities and enjoy the best of what each has to offer.

High-Quality Construction and Luxury Standard Features

The community boasts quality construction with features like architecturally selected clay brick and stone exteriors, engineered flooring systems for reduced squeaking and warping, and poured concrete basement floors and foundation walls. Additional luxury standard features include 9' ceilings on the ground and second floors, covered porches and entrances, and maintenance-free prefinished aluminum soffits, fascia, eaves, and downpipes.

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Features

CityPointe Commons incorporates several energy-efficient features such as HRV systems, programmable electronic thermostats, low-flow toilet systems, sealed basement ducts, and insulated garage doors. These features reduce energy consumption and costs, contribute to a healthier living environment, and minimize the community's carbon footprint.

Exceptional Interior Finishes and Smart Home Technology

The homes in CityPointe Commons come with distinctive interior features such as electric fireplaces, oak veneer staircases, and prefinished engineered hardwood or laminate flooring. The community also offers state-of-the-art smart home technology, including integrated structured wiring, smart home remote access, smart locks, and smart thermostat control. This technology enhances the overall living experience and provides the infrastructure for current and future technological needs.

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Luxurious Standard Features and Finishes

CityPointe Commons offers luxurious standard features and finishes that contribute to the overall appeal of the homes. For example, the exterior boasts architecturally selected clay brick and modern smooth face stone. At the same time, the interiors feature 9' ceilings on the ground and second floors, natural varnished oak veneer staircases, and an electric fireplace in the family or great room. These features create a high-quality, luxurious living experience that will impress potential homebuyers.

Energy-Efficient Features

The homes in CityPointe Commons are designed with energy efficiency in mind, which can help reduce utility costs and support a more sustainable lifestyle. Features include an HRV System (Heat Recovery Ventilator) that distributes fresh air throughout the home, a programmable electronic thermostat, low-flow toilet systems, and expanding foam insulation around all windows and doors for draft prevention. These energy-efficient features will save homeowners money on utility bills and contribute to a more environmentally friendly living experience.

Smart Living Automation

CityPointe Commons offers state-of-the-art integrated smart home structured wiring and smart living automation systems to provide a technologically advanced living experience. The smart home technology includes remote access and notifications, smart lock, smart thermostat control, smart lighting control switches, and smart flood water sensors. Homeowners will enjoy this advanced technology's convenience, security, and energy-saving benefits, making CityPointe Commons an attractive choice for modern homebuyers.

Developer's Track Record At a Glance

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534 Total Possessions

in the last 10 years, updated as of Feb 27, 2023

Poetry Living

Discover Poetry Living, a leading real estate development company crafting beautiful new homes across the GTA. We prioritize quality, timeless elegance, and advanced smart home technology to give homeowners an ideal lifestyle. Explore our communities and experience true poetry in motion.

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Step 1: Research and Select a Project

Before diving into pre-construction properties, conducting thorough research on various projects and neighbourhoods is crucial to find the one that aligns with your needs and preferences. Assess factors such as location, amenities, and future developments in the area. You can consult with a knowledgeable real estate agent, browse online listings, or attend developer presentations to gather essential information about prospective properties..

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Step 2: Secure Financing and Pre-Approval

Once you've identified the perfect pre-construction project, it's time to arrange your finances. First, consult with a mortgage broker or financial institution to obtain pre-approval for a mortgage, which provides a clear understanding of your budget and the amount you can afford. This step is crucial as it ensures a smoother purchasing process and confirms your eligibility for financing when the time comes to close the deal.

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Step 3: Reserve Your Unit and Sign the Agreement

After finalizing your preferred project and securing financial pre-approval, it's time to reserve your desired unit. You'll be required to sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) with the developer, which includes crucial information about the property, such as the purchase price, deposit structure, and closing date. It's essential to have a real estate lawyer review the APS to ensure your interests are protected and to understand any additional terms and conditions.

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Step 4: Monitor Construction Progress and Prepare for Closing

As your pre-construction property takes shape, staying informed about the construction progress and any potential changes to the closing date is vital. Regular communication with the developer or real estate agent can keep you updated on the project's status. Then, as the closing date approaches, finalize your mortgage, conduct a pre-delivery inspection, and prepare for the closing costs and adjustments. Once everything is in order, you'll be ready to take possession of your brand-new property in Ontario!

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